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Welcome to the website of the studio for violin making
Leonhard Rank in Cologne


I am glad if you like my website and want to get in touch with me. Feel free to take a look and contact me via the contact form below or directly by phone. In all matters relating to restoration of stringed instruments, repairs and sound settings I am happy to assist you. Furthermore I also have a wide range of instruments for sale available. I look forward to your request and welcoming you in my studio.

Best regards, Leonhard Rank


Geigenbau Köln - Leonhard Rank


A main focus of my work lies in the elaborate restoration of old string instruments. I think it is important to be in constant exchange with you before and during the restoration. Together it should be discussed, how to achieve the best possible results taking into account the given factors. Here it is weighed up between the harmonious appearance, the preservation of the original substance and specific characteristics of the instrument.




String instruments are subjected to constant stress, so it is very important for me to protect your instrument as good as possible and to prevent damage to the instrument. Sometimes it is just enough to briefly visit the studio having a cup of coffee or tea. If it should turn out that greater action is required, I would coordinate them with you.

At work

In the event of accidental damage, I will be happy to advise you, for example on how to deal with the insurance company as quickly and smoothly as possible. Even a loan instrument can be arranged for you upon request during repair time.

I’m looking forward to your visit.

Sound adjustment



It gives me a great pleasure to adjust the sound of string instruments in direct collaboration with the musician. Particularly exciting is the process of finding the desired sound, the exploration of different sound possibilities of the instrument for example by adjusting the position of the sound post, cutting the chevalet of the string instrument and repositioning the tailpiece. This is done if possible in attendance of the musician allowing to play the instrument between the respective adjustments. By this way the musician gets to further know the instrument and gains a more comprehensive idea of the desired sound.




Musician and instrument have to find each other. For this purpose I have several mainly ancient string instruments available. Normally these were already restored and had a first sound adjustment. Older superior grade student instruments are available starting from 2,500€. Highly-priced instruments upon request.


If you have already shortlisted another instrument, you are welcome to bring it with you to compare it in our studio.

The specialty of my colleague Frank Eickmeyer is the construction of modern setup string instruments. He would be happy to take the time to introduce one of his instruments to you:


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Leonhard Rank, Eintrachtstr. 54, 50668 Cologne – Phone: +49 (0)221 20434067 – Mobile: +49 (0)176 31184829