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I am pleased if you like my internet presence and would like to contact me. Please take a look around here without being disturbed and, if you wish, contact me via the contact form or directly by phone or email. In all questions concerning violin making, such as the restoration of stringed instruments, repair and sound adjustment, I am at your disposal and will be happy to advise you in detail and competently. Furthermore, I also have an extensive range of instruments on sale. I look forward to your enquiry and your visit to my studio.

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One of my main areas of expertise is the restoration of old stringed instruments. My experience with extensive and complex restorations enables me to offer you advice and implementation of your project at the highest level. In doing so, I am guided by conservative conservation ethics. In this way, I work towards a restoration that is as authentic as possible and at the same time maintains the general appearance and ageing of the object. Where technical expertise can often lead to an attempted cover-up of damage and thus to “agelessness”, I prefer to focus on preservation and authenticity. This way you can be assured that the personality of your instrument will be preserved.

My experience as an appraiser of the condition of historical stringed instruments and my research into new analysis techniques enable me to make important, comprehensive statements about sensible interventions in advance. Ideally, the measures begin with precise documentation as the basis for the restoration decision.


String instruments are exposed to constant stress, so it is very important to me to protect your instrument in the best possible way and to prevent damage to it. Sometimes only a short visit for a check is sufficient. If it turns out that more extensive measures are necessary, I will be happy to discuss this with you.

You wouldn’t wish it on anyone! But accidental damage cannot always be prevented because of the delicate construction of the violin family. But I can reassure you anyway! Thanks to modern repair methods, almost anything is possible. I can help you if something happens and work with you and your insurance company to develop a plan for how the instrument can be repaired and restored to its usual or even better sounding condition. If the instrument has lost value, I will clarify this with you and the insurance company.

Sound adjustment

What I enjoy very much in my job is regulating the sound of string instruments in direct collaboration with the musician. Particularly exciting is the process of finding the desired sound, exploring the different sound possibilities of the respective instrument by, for example, adjusting the soundpost position, working on the bridge and positioning the tailpiece. If possible, this is done in the presence of the musician, who plays the instrument between the respective adjustments. In this way, the musician gets to know his instrument even better and can form an even more comprehensive opinion of his sound.


For sale in my workshop are mainly antique string instruments, either restored and set up by me or traded on commission. I will be happy to advise you on which instrument in the desired price range might be a good choice. The greatest possible transparency is important to me. For example, the instruments are offered in a higher category with serious certificates from renowned experts. If there is no certificate yet, it will be issued upon agreement at the time of sale. It is also important to me to go into more detail and explain the condition of the instruments. This also applies to instruments not made by me.

Would you like to get a neutral opinion on an instrument that is offered to you or that you would like to sell? Please do not hesitate to contact me, my experience in condition analysis and the use of e.g. the IR scan (infrared light analysis) can provide unimagined clarity.



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